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You need funding and credit.  Leases and build-outs.  Employment contracts and employee disputes.  Deals, joint ventures & partner divorces.  Cash flow problems and creditor defense. Lawsuits.  IP Protection.  Theft of trade secrets.  Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.  You need a lawyer in your corner.  Team With a Trusted Business Adviser Who Can Help Solve Your Most Challenging Business Problems Today.
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A new venture is a huge undertaking.  It takes tireless effort and it doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day.  Setting up your entity, getting funding or financing, and navigating corporate and IP law without a lawyer is possible, but we wouldn't recommend it.  Even if your budget is modest, investing in a relationship with a startup lawyer can reap dividends for years to come.  How much would it be worth to lock in that big deal?  How much would it be worth to protect your IP and business model from competitors and copycats?  Having a startup attorney on your team to guide you and help you navigate the maze of mission critical tasks a startup faces can make the difference between a successful launch and an aborted mission.
Business Turnarounds
A skilled turnaround lawyer can quarterback a business turnaround.  Revamping your operations, restructuring your debt, working out deals with your creditors, and defending against legal challenges takes a mix of legal knowledge, experience, financial acumen, and diplomacy.  Navigating a turnaround without a skilled business lawyer on your team is a little like going to the Super Bowl without a quarterback or a playbook.  A turnaround lawyer can be your "go to" person not only to execute your strategy, but to help you to understand your options, and to give you the support you need to focus and execute.
Rapid Growth
Growth is exciting, but comes with obstacles that can derail you if they aren't dealt with.  Growing businesses face a variety of legal challenges as they scale, hire, systematize operations, ramp up sales, reach new markets, set up new locations, and acquire or create additional assets and IP.  Protecting your proprietary trade secrets is paramount.  Negotiating your material contracts is critical.  Good employment contracts and employment law compliance is a must.  Strategic use of credit lines is necessary for financial leverage.  Smart tax planning is at the heart of every deal.  And at the center of all your activities and initiatives is the need to preserve your company's unique value proposition and your core values.
You Got Into Business Because You Had A Dream...
Between You and Your Dream Are a Series of Challenges and Headaches...
Our Small Business Attorneys Have Guided Others Through Their Small Business Journey Successfully... and We Can Do the Same For You
When you don't know how to deal with a business situation, you can find yourself alone.  Everyone in your organization has an opinion, but they often can't see around the bend in the road at what lies just ahead.  Our Small Business Attorneys have been down that road before and can give you insight and foresight into the challenges coming up ahead.  We can tell you how to best prepare and protect against the robbers who lie in wait to steal your treasure.  And we can advise you how to get where you are going quickly without taking the devastating detours and turning down the dead end streets your competitors are going down.  You don't just want to arrive.  You want to arrive in good health and good spirits with all of your cargo and your horse and carriage all intact and in good condition.  We know how to travel safely and smartly, because we know the road small business owners are travelling on.  We know the shortcuts as well as the painful pitfalls.  Let us guide you and advise you so you can get where you are going and achieve the success you dreamed of when you started off on your journey.
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